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Web Maintenance

There are things you should also pay attention  after having a website, one of it is Web Maintenance. This is very important because website maintenance make sure that you and your visitor's experience in handling and browsing your web is smooth and flawless.

Web Maintenance is divided into two categories;

Maintenance or management of various website content such as: updating website materials (text and photos); update the video documentation link; management of incoming messages from website visitors; etc.
Maintenance or website management is used especially for checking Bugs and Errors on various web applications; clear log and back up website database.

You can do Web Maintenance Content management independently, while for the Web Maintenance System it will be carried out by CITRAWEB periodically, but there is also a Web Content Maintenance service from CITRAWEB for those of you who have limited time to manage content.

Contact our CITRAWEB team to get support to help you about Web Maintenance service.

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