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Jun, 4 2014
Linda Kaun Copywriting (http://www.lindakauncopywriting.com)

Linda Kaun Copywriting, a textille industry sales catalyst & marketing consultant is relying its website development to Citraweb NusaInfo Media Yogyakarta.  It concerns on copywriting as a
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Recently, Website is not only a company profile that tends to be static, however as a site where visitor obtain actual comprehensive information. An updated and dynamic website with interesting design will attract visitors to visit.
To make that website, you do not have to make a new one if you have already had the previous one, therefore you do not have to start it from zero. We can assist you by tuning (script adding, content edit (if static) and re-design on certain sides.
If you consider that your website is out of date and not interesting, we can solve your problem by re-design. The previous photos will be used or creating the newer design from the beginning (with out buying a brand new one)
Script Modification will be done to make your website looks better. For example, If you have had Photo Gallery on your website and you want to display them coincide (SLIDE SHOW), we will do the script modification. We will combine the previous script with the script that is able to show photos on SLIDE SHOW.
If your website is still static and you want to make it dynamic such as News, we will add the new application News where you may update contents any time. Thus, your Website will now be dynamic consists of update information.
Do you want to make a dynamic website, but there is no time to update, we can assist you. We have staffs to assist you including translating if necessary. We can also add texts according to your company.

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