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Jun, 4 2014
Linda Kaun Copywriting (http://www.lindakauncopywriting.com)

Linda Kaun Copywriting, a textille industry sales catalyst & marketing consultant is relying its website development to Citraweb NusaInfo Media Yogyakarta.  It concerns on copywriting as a
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Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia or more popular as Citraweb was established in Yogyakarta on February 7th 2000. The company was born when the “dotcom” fever was just likely an epidemic in Indonesia globally. Therefore it is then said that the establishment of Citraweb was a positive parcitipative step from a band of youth in Yogyakarta toward the significant development in the world of technology and information.
In the beginning, Citraweb's coverage was only at web development such as web design, web application, web hosting, domain name registration, e-commerce and web maintenance.
And Citraweb began the first step from a small office at Jl Kemuning No 5/19 Baciro Yogyakarta.
Technology and Information world spreads rapidly. Nothing is able to measure its development. Its development perhaps grows every week, day, hour even in minute.
For instance, as company A produces a new product of certain technology, other competitors has projected the step taken by company A by launching a newer breakthrough on the same technology.
Illustration above inspires us the significant of improvement and the acceleration movement of the company.  We realize that there is no other ways for us to improve and give optimal service unless by expanding our services and making our previous services become optimal. It is not easy to achieve those things. Monitoring and managing must be done with a management board that has supervising ability, evaluating, and great innovation. 
Thus, Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia agrees to create a holding management that cover several divisions to work for the improvement and the characteristic of work pattern that in common with each other. By holding management, Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia is easier to evaluate her divisions objectively and the market that keeps growing.
Recently, divisions of Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia Holding Company are Citraweb Web Development, CitraNet ISP, ShooterNet Internet Cyber Café, FotograferNet and CitraHost – Domain and Hosting.

After four years, Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia finally metamorphed herself into a holding management with several child companies such as CitraNet - ISP, ShooterNet, Citraweb Web Development and FotograferNet. Explisitly the official ceremony of Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia as holding management was never held, however the foundation was real since the differentiation between workgroups of CitraNet – ShooterNet with Citraweb Web Development in July 2004.
And in fact, Holding Management makes the step forward of Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia in expansion and evaluation became sharper and real.
Collecting experiences of making hundreds of websites since 2000, Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia decided to build a new child company in web hosting and domain name registration services, that is CitraHost. CitraHost was established in October 1st 2005 which is located at http://www.citrahost.com
Even in the beginning CitraHost was exclusively serving clients of Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia, however it slowly opens the services for public who needs the services.
Before one month old, Citraweb made a big hit by publishing a website of city portal of Yogyakarta which is labelled GudegNet. GudegNet was officially published on February 24th 2000 and came along with the tagline of Gudang Info Kota Yogya. The existence of this website was actually the first comprhensive and continous updated information about Yogyakarta, as well as education, art and culture, telecommunication and city directory.
There are some awards achieved by GudegNet, a website that is located at http://www.gudeg.net. 
Located at Hotel Phoenix Yogyakarta, which is now Hotel Grand Mercure Yogyakarta, Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia celebrated her first birthday by performing a seminar of information technology. That event was exhibited on February 26th 2001 performing several IT experts in Indonesia such as Roy Suryo (Multimedia Expert), Heru Nugroho (was General Secretary of APJII), Ferry (Owner of tour and travel website, Travoo.com), Budi Rahardjo (Lecturer of ITB, was DIrector of IDNIC) and Valens Riyadi, Executive Director of Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia. The seminar was very interesting among academic people as well as technicians in Yogyakarta also it became a media of socialization for Citraweb and GudegNet to show her affection to the development of the world of information and technology.
April 2001 signed GudegNet's activity which was not only in the cyber world. On that month, a class world music show / workshop was performed in Yogyakarta with GudegNet as the official event organizer. Cooperating with an international music instrument distributor, GudegNet presented Paul Gilbert, a guitarist from United States of America who was once famous with a world class rock band, MrBig. At the same time, a FM local radio in Yogyakarta, Swaragama FM, became partner of GudegNet to make live on-air talkshow about information technology. The cooperation was well established for more or less four years as scheduled every Friday evening, 21.00 – 22.00 WIB by inviting well-qualified speakers such as technicians or academical experts on information technology from Jogja and other big cities.
This experience of a famous web development company in Yogyakarta and the more well-known website of city city portal Yogya, GudegNet, had made Citraweb think about expansive steps without leaving her particular characteristics. Therefore, on September 1st 2001, with likely the same crew, Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia expanded herself by establishing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) named after E-Jogja.Net. Also the office of Citraweb Nusa Infomedia moved from Jl Kemuning No 6/19 Yogyakarta to Jl Ampel No 5 Papringan Yogyakarta. Started from March 1st 2008, moved to Jl. Petung No 31, Papringan Yogyakarta
In the new and more representative building, Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia also opened an internet café called ShooterNet.
On the next step, E-Jogja.Net was changed into CitraNet and recently it has tens of clients from various companies and also uses services with friendly, inovative, and responsible technical supports and network analyst.
It began from a small column of photography at GudegNet guided by a photographer Kristupa Saragih, on December 27th 2002 they published a photography community website named after FotograferNet (http://www.fotografer.net). On the web, photographers can register themselves as member and do several activities such as publishing their photoworks, discussing, questions-answers about photography and shopping several merchandices of FotograferNet.
Recently FotograferNet, maintained by Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia and Kristupa.Com, has more than 30 thousands registered members with more than 1 million photos. The existence of this website has achieved award as The Best Community Website version Majalah KomputerAktif at the end of 2004.

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